The pillars of healthy living

The pillars of healthy living

Good nutrition, move your body, keep your body in alignment

Healthy living is more than just maintaining a healthy lifestyle and incorporating a few good habits.

A combination of good nutrition, moving your body and regular alignment can contribute to living a much healthier life. Whether you are just starting to live a healthier life or if you have been looking for something to help guide you to make that choice, here are some basic points that can help.


Naturopathy is a holistic health care system that treats your body as a whole by addressing the root cause of any issues or illness. Good nutrition is a huge part of this system.

Good and wholesome nutrition not only heals the body but also nourishes the body to prevent further damage. A good nutrition plan is when your diet has a balanced amount of macro and micronutrition comprised of freshly and locally available fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

A naturopath would be able to understand your lifestyle and guide you towards better and healthier food choices.


As we all know – sitting is the new smoking – with still being researched issues developing daily. Movement is a very important aspect of a healthy lifestyle, as well as for prevention of any degenerative changes. It helps with blood circulation, improves the nervous system and also improves the flow of all nutrients required to heal. It helps the body to be pain-free and also improves joint mobility. So remind yourself to keep moving as much as possible.


You know that feeling when your car’s steering is just slightly out of alignment? It pulls slightly to one direction once you let the steering wheel go. While that doesn’t seem like such a big deal at first, over time this can become a huge problem for the other mechanical components of the car’s engine, chassis, and uneven wear and tear on the tires.

Your body is a mechanical marvel! But as such, the mechanics of your body, specifically the bones and joints, require maintenance! Similar to a car’s steering out of alignment, if the spine – the main support structure of the body – gets out of alignment, it puts lots of stress on the rest of the body. At the very least, aches and pains can result from a chronically misaligned spine. But this situation can definitely get worse and worse, creating issues of permanent degenerative changes, nerve compression, or irreversible damage to discs. A quick visit to the chiropractor can help you understand the stresses being placed on your spine, even if you have no pain!

If you have any questions about eating right, exercises, alignments or other ways you can pro-actively stay healthy, ask us!

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Dr. Prathap Addageethala
Director & Head of Chiropractic  I  Atlas Chiropractic & Wellness

Dr. Nomita Devi
Naturopath  I  Atlas Chiropractic & Wellness  I  HSR Layout

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